Medical marijuana in San Jose

Many people think that marijuana is a type of drugs. But few people know that cannabis has valuable healing properties and can alleviate the condition if you have one of the illnesses approved in the state of California.

The spread of marijuana therapy is becoming popular, and now a medical card you can also at San Jose.

We will explain how to do this in our article.


San Jose laws related to the use of marijuana.

We tell more details about the features of the legislation.

How to get a cannabis medical card in this city.

How to receive recommendations by doctor online 420, which helps to get a card. What diseases are listed for approval of marijuana therapy?

Where you can get a cannabis medical card in San Jose.


Three best varieties of cannabis.

There are popular types of marijuana, but also each place has its own patented varieties. And San Jose is no exception. We will tell about them in our article.


Places for visiting.

The city is famous for its food culture. If you have no appetite, then you should visit this particular city. Also, while you are getting your marijuana treatment, you can enjoy beautiful places here.


Why Using Ethanol Extraction for CBD is both Safe and Efficient

There is no denying that as time passes, people become more aware of the benefits that CBD provides. It has large anti-inflammatory properties along with the ability to subdue pain dramatically. So much so that the FDA, previously against CBD, has been open to making medical research on CBD much easier through loosening the regulations. 

With flexible regulations, the CBD market and industry will be allowed to grow substantially. Thus, manufacturers are already looking for the technology and the machines to aid CBD and ethanol extraction on massive levels of productions –manufacturers like SubZero. The falling film evaporator is one of the most advanced types of machinery available for the process of ethanol extraction, and SubZero produces a rather durable variety; The Einstein Plus. You get access to pure ethanol, extracted with the efficiency of 98.6 percent.

Such inventions come through the recognition that to keep up with the growing demand for CBD. Most manufacturers would have to use a sustainable method of extraction so that corporate greed to maximize profits would not hamper the growth of the industry. Creating such an efficient system would reduce waste dramatically all while ensuring that a pure product is reaching the market.

Why ethanol?

The reason why ethanol is regarded as the element to extract is that it has been declared safe by the FDA. Additionally, the ethanol extraction process is considered to be the most reliable and more efficient out of the rest. This is because ethanol extraction does not need to go through a process of filtration, thus reducing the work that needs to be out in to extract and the time. 

Ethanol is also reusable. In most cases, labs will help manufacturers recover about 97 percent of the ethanol used during the extraction process –thus allowing its reuse in the next extraction process. It is also one of the most natural elements to store properly, thus allowing manufacturers to extract large quantities at once. 

Ethanol is also known to be polar and non-polar in nature. This means that the ethanol extraction system results in a pure output that contains all of the hemp plants medicinal properties –oils, polysaccharide, acids, and the like. In contrast, using Co2 extraction machines would only allow for the extraction of oil-soluble elements in the plant. 

As the popularity of CBD grows, more manufacturers are inclines on investing in machines like The Einstein Plus that would provide them with an output of 50 gallons per hour due to the advances extraction system created. The fact that ethanol is the safest in regards to extraction, and reusable in nature, makes it one of the prime material to extract from hemp fiber of Cannabis. Instead of opting for Co2 extraction machines, manufacturers prefer the ethanol recovery equipment.



Saliva Test for Marijuana and How to Pass It

No doubt, the use of marijuana is on the rise, now that many states are enacting laws to legalise it for medical and recreational purposes. However, this does not mean that employers have stopped doing drug tests on their employees at the workplaces. Saliva tests are widespread because they are cheap, reliable, easy to perform and provide rapid results. They can reliably test for a variety of drugs – not just marijuana.

How does a saliva test for marijuana work?

Some people think that saliva tests are almost similar to urine tests, but this assumption is misleading. These types of tests are used to check for different compounds.

The urine test for marijuana tries to locate the presence of 11-nor-9-carboxy-∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is abbreviated as THC-COOH. This is the metabolite that is produced when ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is metabolised in the body.

Saliva test, on the other hand, screens for THC itself. THC is not immediately metabolised in the oral cavity; therefore, after you smoke weed, there will be some significant amount of THC in the epithelial surfaces of your mouth.

Labs that use mouth swab test for detecting marijuana, claiming that it is very accurate and reliable; however, some cannabis users have mastered the art of how to pass saliva test for marijuana. Generally, the accuracy of this method is mostly contested.

How long does the saliva test can detect THC?

In most cases, mouth swab tests for marijuana are practical within the first 12 to 24 hours after smoking. This means that it’s enough to stop smoking weed one day before the test to pass it.

However, this claim is not always valid. There are certain factors, like personal metabolism or history of cannabis use, that can make you fail the test even 72 hours later.

How about CBD?

The good news is that labs do not test for CBD, because it is not psychoactive, and there are currently no standard tests for measuring the amount of CBD in the body of a user.

But can you fail a mouth swab test for THC after using CBD? No! CBD products that have been approved for the market have no more than 0.3% THC. This value is so small that it can hardly show up positive in usual saliva tests for marijuana.

How to pass a saliva test for THC?

Your success in passing this test depends on the amount you smoked as well as the amount of time that has elapsed since you last smoked. If you are planning to take the mouth swab test, do not burn for at least 24 hours before it. If you are a heavy weed smoker, you may need up to 72 hours smoking-free time, so that your system is clear of THC.


It is relatively easy to pass the saliva test, but if you are a heavy user, you have to take precautionary measures. What more can you do to enhance your chances of success? Brush your teeth thoroughly, with gums and cheeks, and use detox mouthwash to get rid of any traces of THC before you go for a saliva drug test.


How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

As people continue to realise the tremendous health benefits associated with marijuana, it is becoming progressively popular all over the world. Canada and some states in the United States are at the forefront to legalise marijuana, and many other countries are expected to follow suit. A few years ago, marijuana was misunderstood as a harmful narcotic, but things are changing, and many people realise how health-promoting horticultural experience growing marijuana is.

Is it possible to grow marijuana successfully at home? How can I get started? What equipment do I need? And what’s the most cost-effective space do I require? These are some of the questions that run through your mind when you hear about growing marijuana at home. If you’re interested in learning more about growing cannabis indoors, welcome to the marijuana growing community, and don’t let these questions discourage you. Weed growing is simple with determination and the right information, and because we want you to enjoy the entire process, here is a step by step guide to cannabis growing indoors.

1. Preparation

The successful growth of marijuana at homes starts with adequate training, which is more than designating a grow space. Development entails choosing the most appropriate strain to use. The three most common cannabis strains are Indica, hybrid, and Sativa and you must understand that these strains are different, thrive in different growing environments, and require different nutrition and training methods for them to produce maximum yields.

Before spending your time, resources and energy, decide on the strain that can do well in your area as well as the available space. To give you an overview of what to expect, hybrid and Indica plants tend to become bushy and provide fatter buds during harvesting. Sativa plants grow tall, are less thick, and during collection, they offer smaller buds. With that in mind, choose the best strain to start with and experience the joy that comes with growing marijuana at home.

2. Choosing genetics

Marijuana genetics is available in either seeds or clones. Seeds are perfect for first-time growers as they allow you to experience the entire marijuana growing experience. Besides, seeds are easy to grow and will make you a better weed grower. However, ensure that you choose high-quality seeds for maximum yields keeping in mind that the characteristics of the plants be it aroma, height, quality, or colour depending on the seed. If looking forward to starting with Indica plants, the seeds should be dark brown with a teardrop shape, hard, and must have more coloured tiger stripes. For Sativa strain, the seeds are black, brown or tan mottling.

Alternatively, you can choose a donor plant, take a few cuttings and grow them in your living space. These are called clones and come with various advantages; they grow faster thus saving time, saves you money because there’s no need to buy seeds, and the features of the final products are the same or better in terms of aroma and taste and you can weigh the available options and start growing weed. If you want to be part of marijuana growing experience, choose seeds, but if you want a quick turn-around, clones will be a perfect choice.

3. Designate marijuana to grow space

After designing the strain and genetic to plant, it’s now the best time to choose a grow space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be full-size room as marijuana can excellently grow in a cabinet, corner of an unfinished room, a spare room or in a closet. Many people prefer to build tents, and you too can try them. They are convenient and given that they come in different sizes, you can find a perfect grow tent depending on the space available.

Grow tents come with openings for electric cables; they keep plant smell and bright light inside and have opportunities for fresh air to enter and used air to exit. If you want to become a successful cannabis grower, start small and aim high; it will be easy to monitor the plants, you’ll make a few mistakes, and the entire process will be cost-effective. Its worth to mention that growing cannabis indoors requires sanitation to keep the project tidy, neat, and free from potential contaminants and hazards. You can follow the living space clean by wiping the areas surrounding the plant twice a week using a wet microfiber rag.

Most importantly, the designated space must be light-tight to avoid confusing your cannabis plants, and other key considerations should be on your fingertips;

Stealth – Choose a secure place to ensure that your plants are safe from thieves and nosy neighbours

Convenience – Select a location where you can monitor the plants a few times a day with ease

 Temperature and humidity considerations – The grow space should get fresh air from outside

4. Choosing your cannabis to grow lights

Just like how light is essential to outdoor plants, it is equally necessary to indoor plants, and the light source you use in the grow room determines the quality and quantity of your harvest. Light is crucial in the survival of your cannabis plant as it serves as the primary source of energy. Plants will get power from the sun you provide through photosynthesis, and the light energy is converted to chemical energy and sugar such glucose is produced to provide food for your plants.

With the correct light setup, your cannabis plants will grow strong and healthy. However, if the lighting setup is poor, you’ll end up with thin and weak plants. If you want to enjoy cannabis growing experience, here are a few grow lights to consider;

 High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights

HID grow lights provide the best overall value based on efficiency, cost, and ease of operation. There are two main HID lamps used, although they depend on the stage of development your cannabis plants are in. For instance, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps are excellent for the mature flowering stage, while Metal Halide (MH) lamps are mostly preferred during the vegetative growth.

Fluorescent grow lights

Besides being cost effective, Fluorescent grow views are easy to use. Also, they don’t emit much heat, thus eliminating the need to have an external ventilation system. However, they produce low yields but will be perfect for anyone looking forward to growing cannabis for the first time without using a lot of energy.

 Light Emitting Diode (LED) grow lights

If the price was not a consideration, LED grow lights would be the perfect choice for marijuana growers. They are efficient, create little heat, use low energy, and produce high-quality plants and maximum yields as they have more wavelengths across the light spectrum.

Induction grow lights

Induction grows lights date back in the 19th century when Nikola Tesla invented them. Besides being efficient, they last longer, but they come with a hefty price tag.

5. Provide air to cannabis plants

For cannabis plants to grow strong and healthy, they require a steady flow of breath, and because you’re growing them indoors, it is your responsibility to provide a good flow of air across your grow room. If wondering how this is possible, you can have a portable fan on one side of the floor to bring in the fresh air, and fix an exhaust fan on the other hand up to remove warm air. Monitor the temperature in the grow room with a wall thermometer to ensure that it’s 58-70 degrees Fahrenheit when the lights are off and 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit when the views are on. If temperatures deviate from the normal range, raise them using heaters or cool them down using air conditioners and this will ensure a constant breeze in your grow room.

6. Picking your control and monitoring

After choosing your preferred grow lights and climate control equipment, you’ll need to set up a self-monitoring system to control them, and an adjustable thermostat and 24-hour timer will do. An adjustable thermostat automatically controls the temperature in the grow room while the 24-hour timer controls the light. When blooming, marijuana plants require 12 hours of light in a day and 16-20 hours during vegetative growth, and the light/dark cycle should be uniform to minimise the risk of stressing the plants.

7. Choosing the cannabis to grow medium

There are two media that cannabis plants thrive in; soilless (Hydroponics) and soil. For a starter, it is recommendable to use the land as it is simple and produces high yields. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the property you use does not have artificial extended release fertilisers which are not suitable for cannabis plants. Super soil or somewhat organic pre-fertilized soil is a perfect choice as it will support your weed from start to finish and will not give you a reason to add nutrients.

8. Feeding your plants with nutrients

Cannabis plants require macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in large quantities and micronutrients like copper, calcium, magnesium, and iron in small amounts. If you want to look at your cannabis plants and smile, feed them with the right nutrient solutions at least once a week.

9. Water your cannabis plants

For cannabis plants to thrive, they require a constant supply of clean water that’s free from high amounts of dissolved minerals which can cause root disease and prevent water uptake.

10. Drying and curing

If you have followed all the above steps, you are now on the last stage, which is equally important and should be done with care. Dry your plants completely to remove moisture and reduce the risk of mould formation.

Bottom line

Many people who love marijuana would very much like to grow their plants at home, but they fear due to the perception that the process is tedious, expensive and time-consuming. However, with the right information, perseverance, and dedication, cannabis growing is simple and rewarding. We have made things easier for you and our step by step guide will get you started. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that for your plants to grow healthy, they require correct lighting, temperature, fresh air, grow medium, water, and nutrients. When you have these parameters on your fingertips, growing marijuana indoors will save you money, time, and you’ll have a consistent supply of fresh weed all year round.



Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada

With marijuana legalisation available in Canada, there are several options for purchasing both medical and recreational marijuana. For those looking for a convenient and easy way to purchase cannabis, there are several mail order marijuana websites available that offer a wide variety of cannabis products.

Marijuana is often synonymous with "getting high" due to the compound Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content which is psychoactive however still provides medicinal benefits that include treatment of PTSD, is a bronchodilator which can help asthmatics, muscle relaxant, appetite stimulator, effective sleep aid, anti-inflammatory and much more.

, the health benefits and use of medical marijuana are becoming much more mainstream. Cannabis contains a compound called cannabidiol or CBD, which can provide therapeutic effects that can help those suffering from pain relief, epilepsy, reduce anxiety, fight cancer and treat several other diseases and mental illnesses. 

If smoking isn't your thing, here are some favourite ways to consume cannabis:

1) Vaping - There are many types of vaporisers on the market that allow you to consume marijuana more healthily than smoking which can result in consuming toxins and tar which is irritating and possibly dangerous for the respiratory system. Vaping cannabis allows a better experience that is safer and cleaner. Vaporisers allow consuming cannabis in the form of concentrates and dry type.

2) Edibles - There are several delicious edibles available to suit your palate that include baked goods such as brownies and cookies, honey and oils, candies such as gummies and lollipops and other types of food that are infused with cannabis. 

3) Capsules - Capsules or cannabis oil pills are preferred by those who have respiratory problems who want to avoid smoking but want to get a dose of THC or CBD. Tablets provide a more measured dosage and can be taken discreetly. For children, such as those who have epilepsy, this would be a more effective method to consume and receive the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

4) Beverages & Tinctures - There are several cannabis-infused beverages such as energy drinks and hot drinks such as teas that allow an easy and tasty way to consume cannabis. While tinctures are concentrates, they can be easily added to standard beverages or even cooking. Tinctures which are usually combined with an eye dropper are also a great way to provide measured dosages.

If you're looking to buy weed online in Canada for medical or recreational purposes, Weed List is the most extensive catalogue of mail order marijuana with thousands of products to choose from. 


Thinking about strains of Marijuana

When you buy seeds, you should keep in mind the pressure of the plant life
that produced them. The traces of marijuana are numerous and ample.
They’re mainly in their very own way, including via flavour and potency,
amongst others. Earlier than you buy seeds, search for records about the
marijuana plant that produced those seeds. Many breeders spend loads of time crossbreeding flowers to provide new and better strains.

For novices, creating suitable stress is overwhelming. Consequently,
thorough research is important earlier than you buy. In case you choose
brilliant flora, it's miles much more likely that you will produce super seeds.
A way to grow the Seeds
Once you purchase seeds, you’ll want to understand a way to care for the
plant. You must be acquainted approximately the growth of the plant. With
this, the first part of the method is germination. At this factor, the seeds will
start to sprout. As soon as it grows, a small white tendril will seem on the
plant. This is what you call taproot. Sprouting occurs while difficult seeds are
exposed to moisture between 24 and 36 hours.
Mail order marijuana seeds; it's far crucial to have a warm environment.
The temperature needs to be warm, however, by no means hot. While the
taproot seems you have to factor it down, that allows you to inspire the
boom of the root. In the meantime, when planting seeds, bury it two inches
beneath the soil. Do now not let it to completely dry. After germination,
your principal situation is to ensure its miles well-maintained. Deal with it
well to make sure the increase of top seeds from your plant.
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Why When You Smoke Marijuana Feel Tired?

Several studies point to a more complex link between cannabis and the feeling of tiredness that is experienced after smoking.

Any habitual cannabis smoker has ever experienced a feeling of drowsiness, lethargy or a general lack of motivation after smoking or even while doing so. Many ignore it and prefer to attribute it to the effects provoked by a particular variety. In contrast, other times, the impact of drowsiness is positive because who smokes it suffers from insomnia. Recently published research indicates that excessive cannabis use can cause drowsiness or long-term laziness. If you are going to burn the grass to avoid a hangover or the fall of other drugs, change your strategy because it will not work.


A good indicator will leave you embedded on the sofa, and the truth is that there is rather little ... For many people, this type of effects is just what they were looking for, and that is precisely why They choose an Indica. If you like to smoke cannabis and have an active lifestyle, you can rest assured that you will not become lazy or suddenly lethargic. The answer to why marijuana makes us feel drowsy and, in turn, less motivated, could be reduced to the way that THC is absorbed and how it interacts with the neurotransmitter dopamine.


How Cannabis Arrives To The Organigation?

Whether you use marijuana and hemp-based products for medicinal or recreational purposes, you should inform yourself about bioavailability. The level of high you can get from THC and the therapeutic effects that you can get from CBD depends on bioavailability.


Bioavailability is defined in the American Heritage Medical Dictionary as: "The degree to which a drug, or other substance, is available to the target tissue after it is administered."

An intravenous dose is considered 100% bioavailable since it is administered directly into the bloodstream. In terms of current smoking, bioavailability refers to the percentage of a treatment that is absorbed by the body, compared to an injected dose.


All cannabis plants contain cannabinoids at varying levels; from industrial hemp, with 0.2% THC, to the extraordinary Green Gelato marijuana strain, which brushes 30% THC. Similarly, CBD oil can have variable concentrations: from an average 2.5% to a high 20% CBD.

But the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes in a cannabis product is not the only factor to be taken into account. The endocannabinoid system is designed to interact with these compounds. Also, the entourage effect is an essential synergistic factor. And that's not all.

Perhaps the most critical factor for marijuana use is bioavailability. In general, the higher the bioavailability of a dose, the less quantity is needed to experience the effects. The high bioavailability is what differentiates cannabis and products derived from high-quality hemp, from the rest of the remedies. Bioavailability is the accurate measure of the potency of a cannabis product.